E.1 Project management

E.1 action seeks to ensure good project management, so that its work is carried out effectively, its identified objectives reached and the commitments agreed upon between the participants and the European Commission observed.

Project management will be coordinated by the Universidade de Vigo, specifically the International Projects Office of the Research and Development Support Service, based on the following structure, with the work carried out covering both aspects of technical coordination required in order to undertake the project, and areas of its administrative and financial coordination.

etapa e1

E.2 Monitoring and assessment

E.2 action consists of monitoring and assessing the action undertaken throughout the project in order to ensure that it progresses correctly and that the expected results are indeed achieved.

This action shall have a mixed approach. Internally, it will be carried out by an Assessment Committee made up of representatives from each of the participating bodies. The two companies (revertia and EnergyLab) and the Universidade de Vigo (each of the departments and groups involved in the project) will meet to assess the development of the project at its commencement, during its operation and at the conclusion. Externally, a specialist company will be outsourced in order to define monitoring and assessment approaches and software, in terms of the initial assessment plan, intermediate assessment and final assessment.

etapa e2

E.3 External audit

E.3 action consists of preparing an external audit, as stipulated by the LIFE+ programme. The Universidade de Vigo Research and Development Support Service will employ an external auditor to verify project costs and ensure compliance with applicable Spanish and European laws regarding accounting practices, public tenders, etc. within the framework of this year programme. The results of the audit should be presented along with the intermediate report (December 2013) and the final report (June 2015).

E.4 Networking with other projects

E.4 action consists of networking with other LIFE projects (LIFE III or more specifically LIFE+) and other co-financed projects from other European programmes (INTERREG, ECO-INNOVATION, FP7, etc.)

To this end, information exchange activities will be instigated, based on Web 2.0 tools, with technical staff from other projects. These activities will be carried out by members of the Management Unit of the ecoRaee project consortium, under the supervision of Universidade de Vigo management.

E.5 Post-LIFE+ communication plan

E.5 action consists of instigating a communication plan via the Universidade de Vigo International Projects Office. This plan, which aims to ensure a common results communication dissemination and implementation strategy, to be put into practice over the project final months, seeks to disseminate information concerning the project, both in Spain and in other countries where it is appropriate and feasible.