D.1 Project website

D.1 action is responsible for creating a website for the ecoRaee project. The aim is to build a platform which ensures the visibility of the project, making its description, evolution, results and general project information available to the public.

etapa d1

D.2 LIFE+ information panels

D.2 action consists of the participants responsible for each action preparing information panels in order to spread the word about the project to the widest possible public. The Rector's Office and the Universidade de Vigo's Department of Image will be responsible for designing these panels with a view to presenting a common format offering general project information on the one hand and a special section relating to the specific action in question on the other. This information, provided by the head of each action, shall also include a brief description of the work to be carried out and the expected objectives and results.

The information panels should enable the greatest possible dissemination of the project and be located near the facilities where the actions in question are being undertaken, in other words, the Universidade de Vigo, revertia and/or EnergyLab.

D.3 Layman Report

D.3 action consists of drawing up a Layman Report, as stipulated by the LIFE+ programme. This report, which should not exceed 10 pages and be in Spanish and English, should provide concise information on the project, its actions and results, aimed at people who are not experts on the subject, with both the project website and print version accessible to all. In the case of the latter, the print run should extend to 1,500 copies, 1,000 in Spanish and 500 in English.

This action will be the responsibility of the Universidade de Vigo who will outsource the printing, ensuring an attractive design and providing clear and concise information in order to facilitate dissemination and the general public understanding of the project.

D.4 Dissemination plan and communications materials

D.4 action consists of the design and definition of a project dissemination plan and creating communications materials related to the plan (logos, brochures, newsletters, regular bulletins, press releases, media inserts, etc.).

The Universidade de Vigo will be responsible for this action, through joint planning of project dissemination and communications activities, via the Rector Office and the Department of Image, with the aim of attracting the attention of the target public (organisations involved with WEEE).

D.5 Dissemination and implementation events

D.5 consists of the organisation of events aimed at disseminating and implementing project results. These events will be organised by the Universidade de Vigo, with the support of EnergyLab and the participation of all those involved in the project.

They will be both local-regional and national-European, adapted to the specific activities of the project and aimed at the various target publics: two high-visibility events aimed at political representatives, experts and the general public at first and, at the conclusion of the project, press conferences for the regional and local media aimed at reaching the general public, as well as participation at specialist scientific conferences relevant to the project (concerning WEEE), in order to spread word of the project among experts, along with participation in Financial Instrument for the Environment (LIFE+) events in order to disseminate the project among other programme participants.